Nyakera: Value Addition Important for Farmers

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By John Kariuki

Murang’a Gubernatorial Candidate on Farmer’s party ticket Irungu Nyakera is very passionate on matters farmers and their welfare. The top on his priority is value addition for farm produce. He says

“Value addition in agriculture is a worthwhile endeavour.  I am advocating for value addition because through it we can: Increase agricultural profit margins, Open new agricultural markets, Create new job opportunities in the agricultural value chain, Aid in agricultural waste management, Reduce agricultural losses due to product quality deterioration, Reduce post-harvest loss and Increase product storability and shelf-life.

Nyakera is also keen on inclusion of women in socioeconomic development.

He says, “I am devoted to eliminating gender bias and providing an equal platform for long-term development. I have supported women’s economic activities through the Irungu Nyakera Foundation, demonstrating my commitment to improving the economic well-being and prosperity of our women.

I will ensure that our women have a strong presence in the County leadership structure and service delivery system under my administration. This is demonstrated by the choice of a female running mate. Last but not least under my Administration Girls are assured of support in the areas of education, sports, and even business.”

To prove his high regard for women,

Nyakera appointed Catherine Wairimu Mugo as his running mate for the August 2022 Elections.

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