Comrades Called Upon to be Peace ambassadors

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By John Kariuki

University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) President  Melvin Thogo has called upon comrades to shun violence and instead be good peace ambassadors as we gear up to the General Elections on 9th August.

Universities and other institutions of higher learning have been dubbed as game changers in the country’s politics as they hold the potential to eliminate the tribal divides during electioneering periods.

The Fourth Year Law student said university studentds  should promote dialogue and peace, but also to develop mechanisms to resolve conflict peacefully.

 “As comrades we always co-exist with each other so let this not be the time that anyone should divide us. Let us also embrace tolerance of each other regardless of political ideology or ethnic background. There’s life after the general elections,”  Melvin said.

As UNSA,  Melvin has steered several peace keeping and mentorship programs in collaboration with like minded organisations.

She concluded by calling upon the electorate to consider leaders of integrity and those who are visionary so as to be accountable

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