Jaldesa Condemns Wajir Attacks

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By John Kariuki

Isiolo Woman Representative Rehema Jaldessa has condemned Isiolo – Wajir border attacks.

Jaldesa strongly condemn yesterday’s dawn attacks at Chinchoftu Village, Cherab ward in Isiolo County.

“It is unfortunate that herders from the neighbouring Wajir County attacked innocent herders at a water point resulting in 3 deaths and 9 serious injuries,” said Jaldesa

The outspoken legislator wished quick recovery to the casualties and at the same time called for security apparatus to act swiftly.

“While we pray and wish quick recovery to the injured we urge the relevant authorities especially the anti stock theft unit and GSU to move in swiftly and take necessary action against the aggressors causing conflict in our area. As leader’s we urge our people to continue living in harmony and continue hosting our neighbors at this period where drought is at its peak. I also urge our neighbors being hosted to live harmoniously with our people.”

Jaldessa is seeking another term under the Azimio ticket.

Recently she officiated the handing over of the following items to several affirmative groups within Isiolo Central Subcounty. Some of the items she donated included Water tanks and car wash Machines, Washing Machines, Motorcycles, Posho Mills and Gas Cookers.

She said that those items will go along way in helping vulnerable people and affirmative groups establish a source of income and uplift their livelihoods.”

Her economic empowerment agenda has continued to touch and change the lives of thousands of people and her drive is to see an economically independent population is on course.

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