Mwea MP Aspirant Winnie Karimi Njuguna inches closer to victory

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By John Kariuki

The vocal and visionary Honourable Winnie Karimi Njuguna has inched closer to clinching the Mwea Parliamentary Seat. Yesterday she continued with her meet-the-people tour where she said,

“I had a great time interacting with my  constituents across Mwea and hearing their voices and the people are very  serious about electing leaders who are in tune with their needs . There is a great need for leaders with integrity and your vote for is more important now than never. People are tired of fake promises and I am glad my people embraced my agenda.  . As a daughter of Mwea,   I am humbled to  walk this journey with you,  and I shall be look forward to serving you as your mwea MP 2022 -2027.”

Honourable Winnie has already been cleared by the independent elections and boundaries commission IEBC and her name is on the ballot box come 9th August. She is vying on a Narc Kenya party ticket.

Honorable Winnie is a born leader. Her leadership capabilities became visible when in 1992 the Mwea area had a major water shortage and she came up with a lasting solution. Residents then proposed that she leads them in parliament. Hon. Njuguna is inspired by respected politician and NARC-Kenya leader, Hon Martha Karua who is also from Kirinyaga County.

Hon. Njuguna has a rich background in community development having worked within the community in various development projects. One of the outstanding was when Hon. Njuguna approached a Swedish non-governmental organization for assistance and mobilized 100 women to register a self-help group through which they applied for a grant from the Swedish NGO to install piped water into their homes. The water project literally changed the lives of the residents of Murinduko Location in Mwea and brought water into schools, hospitals as well as other institutions in the area. She has been a career teacher for twenty years. In the National Assembly, the legislator sits in the Labour and Social Welfare Committee. She is also a member of the Standing Committee on Implementation, whose mandate is to scrutinize resolutions of the House.

This is her development Agenda:  


Mwea has 108 primary schools and only 17 secondary schools; the disparity is stifling the advancement of education and forcing children to drop out of school and marry at a tender age. Hon. Winnie intends to increase the number of secondary schools in the county so that more children are able to get secondary school education.

Water and Land

Mwea has a large amount of canal water for irrigation, but lacks clean piped water. Hon. Winnie intends to improve the water situation through lobbying parliament and the county government to ensure piping of water is done. She also intends to keep promoting the rights of farmers by bringing a parliamentary motion that will enable easier access to land by citizens.


Kirinyaga county has areas that have very poor infrastructure. Hon.  Winnie intends to lobby or development and expend her development efforts to include the improvement of roads.

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