Calvin Nyaure’s Big Dreams Big for Umoja 2

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By John Kariuki

Armed with knowledge, experience and strong will, Calvin Nyaure says he is ready to serve the people of Umoja 2 Ward should they elect him on 9th August.

He is vying on the Kenya Reform Party under the umbrella of Azimio One Kenya Alliance.

The Times sought to hear more from him and this is what he had to say: “My foremost key priority in Umoja 2 for me is improving the road infrastructure which has been neglected. Secondly, water has been a perennial problem which in intend to solve by doing away with the cartels who always create artificial shortages.”

This, Mr. Nyaure attributes to poor leadership which the people of Umoja 2 has lost confidence in.

“My other issue will be on insecurity. I intend to make sure every household is gated in a court which is easy to man in order to do away with thuggery which has been the order of day in Umoja 2. I will also work to restore grabbed public utilities like children playgrounds so that the children can get sports facilities.”

And once on the floor of the Nairobi County Assembly, Honorable Nyaure will draft a youth empowerment bill that will seek to harness the youth potential through utilisation of the available resources for developing. “I will also work on a bill to improve healthcare since at the moment people in Umoja are faced with diseases like diarrhoea, due to poor sanitation owing to lack of drainage. I will work on a policy to bring equity in each and every ward.”

Lastly Honorable Nyaure wished the voter of Umoja 2 to make the prudent decision on the 9th of August.

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