Electronics Engineer John Ochoti Eyeing Nairobi Senator Post

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By Martin Masinde

A young ambitious gentleman by the name John Ochoti is seeking mandate as the next Nairobi senator.

Popularly known as Simba wa Kanairo, Ochoti is a University of Nairobi trained electrical and electronic engineer. He also holds a masters degree in strategic management. He is vying on a KANU ticket.

The Nation sought a word with him and this is what he had to say:

“I’m going to take up my responsibilities seriously especially on legislation, representation, lobbying for the people and oversight. I’m going to champion the review the tax regime so as to lessen the burden of current tax payers and net more to facilitate development. This will be achieved by bringing on board more tax payers and increasing of collection efficiency through automation. Small traders making as little as Ksh 200 a day should not be subjected to Ksh 50 collected by kanjo on a daily basis.”

On housing and water, Ochoti said, “I will champion the continuation of President Kenyatta’s affordable housing project so that low income earners in Nairobi can also live in decent houses. It’s a pity that at this time and era Nairobi is suffering from affordable housing shortage forcing people to live in deplorable state in slums.”

“Water shortage and poor sanitation and drainage systems is top on my agenda as well. I will work to fight the narcissus cartels who work day and night to deprive Nairobi water, the precious commodity.

One way of dealing with water shortage is automation of water distribution to ensure each part of the city is served equally. I am glad that our Azimio Coalition captain, the Rt. Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga has put water for all as a key agenda when he recently launched the Azimio manifesto”

Mr Ochoti, being a youth himself has great plans for the youths in terms of inclusivity.

“Six out of 10 youths have nothing meaningful in terms of decent Jobs which is why they have fallen into the Bottomless pit of drug abuse, gambling and to an extent depression. I will link the youth to apprenticeship opportunities so that they can acquire skills that will make them marketable in the job market. Through engaging them with constructive activities they will shun drug abuse and become productive people in the society.”

“I will also champion the training of youth on running small and micro enterprises and access to credit to grow businesses. Even the current AGPO initiative that requires that at least 30% of government procurement opportunities are given to youth, women and people living with disabilities is either abused or not being enforced by procurement officers. I will focus on this to ensure these vulnerable groups have access to wealth creation opportunities offered by government”, Ochoti added.

“I will also work under the principles of zero tolerance to corruption since it’s this same corruption that has deprived Nairobi revenue for decades. Misuse of public resources by public officers should be dealt with decisively. President Uhuru Kenyatta is on record saying the country loses Ksh 2B a day to this menace. I will be the people’s watchman in safeguarding public funds so that we are able to fund the ambitious initiatives outlined in our manifesto.”

“Under the pillar of education I also have big dreams to push for construction of classrooms and expansion of current infrastructure in schools to deal with the issue of crowding. Sanitation in schools is also key. I will also push for increased budget allocation to cater for equipping of the schools with capable teachers to foresee quality education is disseminated to our students. ECDE teachers should also be managed centrally like the rest of the teachers. Teachers unions like KNUT and KUPPET should also be empowered and freed from state interference.”

On the pillar of healthcare I will work to ensure more health facilities are constructed especially in the informal settlements and slums and equip them with medical personnel and pharmaceuticals in a bid to ensure healthcare access for all. Maternal healthcare and midwifery should also be accessible to all regardless of where one comes from. This is doable through collaboration with various organizations as well as with the national government.”

“Most business people have been exploited and harrased by kanjo. In my service as senator of Nairobi, I will push for the end this unethical habit through putting up structures to make sure all enforcement officers are identifiable through badges and uniforms so as to weed out imposters. Taxi drivers and boda boda owners should be given access to the CBD and have designated pick up and drop off points. It is possible to have a system like the one at JKIA”

“I therefore urge and indeed call upon all Nairobians to make the rightful decision when it comes to the ninth of August 2022. This is so because the decision they will make on that material day will be binding for the next five years. As a party, KANU only recognizes the zoning of presidential ticket under the Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga and Hon. Martha Karua. In Nairobi we support Polycarp Igathe ticket and Esther Passaris for governor and women representative respectively.

This is because KANU has not fielded candidates in those positions. We also ask our coalition partners to let KANU carry the senatorial flag in Nairobi. Jubilee have taken governor slot with WIPER taking the deputy governor slot. ODM has the women rep slot. ODM is also having the president and a deputy from Narc Kenya. It is not too much to ask that Edwin Sifuna, and indeed ODM withdraws out to the senate race and supports my bid.”

From the desk of The Nation Media Group and affiliates we take this singular opportunity to wish the honourable John Ochoti, the incoming Senator for Nairobi on a KANU ticket, the very best in his political endeavours.

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