Florence Jematia: Why I am The Best Woman Rep For Baringo

By Martin Masinde

Adorable, Easy, Outgoing, Focused and Thoughtful. Innovative, these are the few attributes that Florence Jematia Sergon believes will propel her to victory

Domiciled at the East African Legislative Assembly EALA. She is vying on the United Democratic Alliance UDA Party ticket.The Nation independently sought to hear from her more about her manifesto.

“The most pressing issue that I want to address immediately I get into the August House is the issue of the perennial, runaway insecurity. This I will do by bringing a bill in parliament to address the issue. The bill seeks to criminalise the issue of banditry and to treat it as a terrorism act. This is criminality because it involves killing and maiming of people. It’s a well choreographed and organised crime which I intend to nip in the bud.”

I also persuade women not to be accomplices in the crime of cattle rustling since they hold the stolen livestock. I’m urging them to form groups or cohorts through which I can capacity build Them through table banking so as to get maximum economic benefits.

Honourable Jematia, already armed with expertise and knowledge, and coming from the highly respected East Africa Legislative Assembly has what it takes to steer Baringo County to the next level.

“I’m a strong Believer in my party leader’s Bottom up economic model that seeks to bring economic transformation based on the locally available resources through value addition and job creation.

Through this model, women will be actively involved in issues like poultry farming, goat keeping, tailoring and these are going to be mega projects that empower our women financially.

Never again shall they line up to rely on handouts but will empower themselves. For the youths I will put up bakery for them and buy them machines on order to enable them eke a decent living out of it. We shall also work to add value to our locally produced agricultural products such as honey, tomatoes, water melons and onions. The tomatoes will be pulped into sauce.”

“…Other aspects include tailoring, sorghum and Millet,tomatoes and Potatoes farming too.
On the sector of ecotourism, Jematia says she will construct decent five star hotels inorder to utilise the ecosystem of Lake Baringo and plough back the proceeds to the County .

For women she has a basketful of goodies for them. ..”I will work hand in hand with my Governor to make sure women get every opportunity in the market i.e. tenders

I will establish Offices in every Constituency, for easy access to women while working with them.

I will champion for adoption of our UDA women Charter in county where women will be included in all facets/Positions in the county to attain the 2/3 gender. Nationally I will ensure that Baringo women are included in the national cake. My motto; Success is intentional” and intent to Make Baringo Women Shine..!”

Women and Youth will work in-synch in order to actualize their priorities and potentials.

“I’m also going to demystify the role of the County MP as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. It’s a fallacy to believe that the Woman Representative is simply elected to foresee issues of women.

Far from it. She is a Legislator like any other. In fact her mandate goes beyond the county in the sense that the sits in the National Assembly where national ok issues are articulated.”

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