Francis Parsimei: Why I Want to Lead Kajiado North

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By Martin Masinde

Jubilee Candidate for Kajiado North Parliamentary Seat Mr Francis Parsimei Gitau is not your ordinary politician.

He is a born leader, eloquent, tried and tested, experienced, visionary and elaborate.

“ I will bring Governance based on municipal values and principles. I have been on the forefront when it comes to municipality. I’m a town planner by professional. Many might not be aware but we are already a municipality, therefore, mine is to ensure we enjoy full benefits of being one.”

I am a reliable soldier that will engage in the right debates in parliament and ensure I articulate Kajiado issues in the national government.

He understands the mandate and his altitude matches the magnitude of the office he is seeking on the 9th of August. For example he is the Architect of the motion he presented in the senate in 2016 that made Kajiado a municipality.

This is why The Times independently sought to interact with him so as to hear his Big Vision.

“Armed with an experience spiralling over 30 years communication service and a strong will to lead people to prosperity, Mr Gitau is hopeful of clinching the seat which he has narrowly missed in his previous three attempts. My wealth of experience is nestled in urban planning in development.”

Mr Gitau believes in the inclusion of all professionals in matters development.

“One of the things I envisage is to bring professionals on the table and chart the way forward and draw a strategic plan on how to best develop our constituency. From medics, engineers, lawyers, pilots, accountants, name them; I will bank on their expertise in order to make Kajiado North Great.”

Reacting to the recent report that the 12th Parliament performed below par, he said, “This can well be attributed to the fact that politicians took local politics instead of focusing on national issues for the welfare of all Kenyans. We need a paradigm shift in the style of leadership of this country. We need legislators who will table motions which will pass into laws that will leave indelible marks in the hearts of Kenyans the way the CDF act did,”

Once elected in August 9th Hon Gitau pledged to table a bill in parliament that will seek to economically empower people on the ground through access to capital.

“The bill will enact a fund which will work for economic transformation of people in each constituency and this will do away with the dependability syndrome born by the current Constituency Development Fund.”

He will also draft a bill to spur economic development of urban centres and municipalities by allowing them to operate autonomously and empower them to run innovation and economic activities.

“The bill will empower urban institutions to undergo Innovation and research in order to catch up with global growth.”

His final word is for the people of Kajiado North to make the wise decision come the 9th of August.

“Voters, a mistake done in the morning can ruin your day, it’s plans and mess your agenda and mood. Let us not vote the wrong people in Kajiado county. Let us not have a daily mistake repeated for the next five years.”

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