John Mwamtsi Looking to Recapture Kibarani MCA Seat

By John Kariuki

John Mwamtsi is not your ordinary politician. He is a leader. His track record speaks for itself.

He is seeking re-election on The Pamoja African Alliance.

“I want to continue with the good work I’m doing for the people of Kibarani in Kilifi County. We have done substantial work in opening up Kibarani in order to attract investors.”

Mwamtsi is also very keen to improve education standards in the Ward. He says, “Education is the key most parameter that equates the child from a poor background with that of an able calibre. I also want to uplift the living standards of my people through attracting investors in order to heal the ballooning the debt crisis.”

Mwamtsi is also very focused to serve the people  of Kibarani with clean adequate drinking water. This he says will continue to establish boreholes and provision of water tanks.”.

On the pillar of health, he cites health as a Foundation for productivity. He says he will improve health services in order to increase productivity.

He called upon the people and indeed the voters of Kibarani not to be misled during this electioneering period.

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