Khalif’s Elaborate Manifesto For Mandera The County

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By Martin Masinde

Mandera County. County number 009. This is the northeasternmost county in Kenya. According to the 2019 census, the county has a population of 1,200,890 and an area of 25,939.8 square kilometres (10,015.4 sq mi).

The main economic activity in the county is pastoralism while others include cross-border trade with Ethiopia, beekeeping and agriculture along Dawa River.

The name Mohamed Adan Khalif is a household name in Mandera County. It’s a name synonymous with success, ability, focus, strong will and determination.

Khalif is eyeing the prestigious Gubernatorial position in Mandera County under UDM party ticket. He has a wealth of experience in public administration and public policy implementation.

A seasoned manager with more than two decades of professional experience, Khalif is currently the Speaker at Mandera County Assembly.

The Nation independently sought a word with the incoming Governor of Mandera County. Mohammed Adan Khalif. The Man. The leader.

“When I am elected the Governor of Mandera, my Government shall: Support 20,000 vulnerable citizens through a cash transfer programme. Create 2,000 jobs annually in the informal and formal sectors. Establish a Youth and Women Development Fund, specifically targeting youth and women- owned businesses.

Ensure every health centre has a clinical officer and other relevant staff. Provide free health care cover for 20,000 households comprising PWDs, the elderly and the ultra-poor who are not covered by National Government programmes. Equip all ECD centres appropriately and introduce a feeding programme for pupils attending ECD centres.

In partnership with CDF and development partners, establish/ equip one secondary school according to National School standards in every constituency. Provide a decentralized bursary allocation and disbursement scheme to improve targeting and fairness.

Invest in technical training colleges’ infrastructure and expand course provision. Ensure sustainable investment in cottage industries for value addition. Expand food and agricultural production through fertilizer subsidies, market linkages, and introduction of a County Government purchase programme.

Expand veterinary and agricultural extension services by investment in human capital and physical infrastructure. Expand provision of clean water to all towns and villages and ensure adequate water for livestock across the County.

Construct six large-scale dams to support small holder farmers and large scale private farmers to enhance food security. Devolve County Government functions to ward level. Entrench community involvement in development planning to reduce the negative impact on their livelihoods.”

Khalif is seeking the mandate alongside his running mate, Dr. Ali Mohamud, who is an accomplished Board Director with more than 15 years of leadership experience in senior level positions, in profit and non- profit outfits, and in government.

Mr. Mohammed Adan Khalif, crème de la crème of Mandera, is happy for the peaceful transition of power in the neighbouring country of Somalia.

Banking on this hope, Khalif is confident that cross-border trade between Kenya and her neighbour Somalia will flourish.

Khalif is also thankful that peace and normalcy has been restored in Mandera which was initially marked as a hotspot.

At the moment we have no tension in Mandera and our people are living cohesively for the progress and development of our County.

“I also pledge to continue fostering the peaceful coexistence of all the communities living in Mandera,” he concluded.

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