Governor Wangamati Vows to end Despiteful Politics Following Endorsement

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By Isabella Maua

The clergy and Supreme Council of Elders have ordained Governor Wangamati as the most suitable candidate to defend his gubernatorial seat in August polls.

This was occasioned in a colourful event that took place at his home in Bungoma with 200 Sabaot delegates led by former Deputy Governor Hillary Chemoywo.

Speaking during the function, Chemoywo was also officially handed over to Wangamati’s team by the elders who forthrightly gave them their blessings.

According to the elders it was God’s will that Lusaka left out Chemoywo so that he would find solace in Wangamati and lead the Sabaot nation to the promised land.

“It’s sad we didn’t vote for Wangamati during the last elections but to our surprise he has done more than Lusaka did during his tenure,” one of the elders mentioned.

The clergy led by pastor Elly also revealed that they have been praying for a wise and action oriented leader and the incumbent is no doubt God  chosen.

The youth delegates led by Herbert Sile, backed up Chemoywo’s handshake with the governor and promised to walk with them so long as it’ll be a bridge to the realization of a newly developed mountain.

Among the top priorities tabled were:

●Start and completion of the recently launched Medical Training College in Kapsokwony

●30% placement of the Sabaot community in the County employment consideration

●Completion of High Altitude Training Centre in Chemoge

●Conservation of the forest to serve as tourist attraction centres

●Setting up of a tea factory in Kaberwa

●Erection of a potato factory in Kopsiro

●Immediate launch of Masaek market which had already been commissioned

●Prioritization of pathetic feeder roads which farmers mostly rely on to transport their farm produce

After presentation of the Memorandum of Understanding, the incumbent governor assured delegates that whatever has been presented on paper will be actualized in due time.

“I’m in agreement with all your requests and I pledge to fulfil your heart desires as we form our next government together,” Wangamati stated.

He also mentioned that his record speaks for itself and unlike former principal Lusaka, he’s not a dramatist but result oriented.

“I’m set to kill despiteful politics where leaders ignore elders’ decisions and only move around playing antics, if anything Lusaka should know he’s in a losing battle and respect people’s choice,” the governor reiterated.

Patrick Wangamati, the governor’s father was also in attendance and affirmed his full support for his son promising to walk with him together with the Sabaots.

“My son is going to work with Chemoywo and entire Sabaot nation, roads and infrastructure as well as water should be top in the list and when Elgon changes, the entire Bungoma County will have changed,” Patrick noted.

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