Manyara Takes A Dig at ‘Draconian’ ICT bill

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By John Kariuki

Kenya University Students Organisation President Anthony Manyara has rushed to court to stop a Draconian ICT bill. Manyara who took to his Facebook page said,

“John Wangai and I have today petitioned H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta to reject and dismiss in its entirety with prejudice the contentious ICT Practitioners Bill, 2020 that was passed by the National Assembly on Wednesday 8th June 2022 and now awaits Presidential assent before it is turned into law.

The bill seeks to establish an ICT Practitioners institute for training, registration, licensing, practice and setting standards for ICT professionals in Kenya. Also, it introduces annual licenses at a fee.

This is a big blow to the many young people wishing to join the profession but do not meet the threshold set and also can not afford to pay for the annual licences.

It’s pretty obvious that the interested parties’ intent is to monopolize and cartelize the ICT Industry at the detriment of the very hardworking and bright young IT gurus.

In the unlikely event that the bill becomes law, we will institute a legal action to have it declared unconstitutional, null and void ab initio.”

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