Two that stole from Jalang’o spotted in Bungoma

Felix Odiwuor’s (Jalang’o) former employees who made away with his money have been spotted in Bungoma.

Jalang’o confirmed that Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema had indeed reached out to him.

Jalang’o, however, stated that the matter was no longer in his hands as police were actively investigating the matter.

“DCI have their ways of tracking them, we are told they are on their way to Bungoma. They have actually reached out, the case is with the police now, that’s why I don’t want to talk about it too much. It’s the biggest betrayal I’ve ever had in my life. I hope it doesn’t change how I see people. I don’t know what happened to them,” Jalang’o said.

Last week, the former Kiss FM host pleaded with the duo to come forward.

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