Kabogo, Wamatangi Clash During Gachagua’s Kiambu Rally

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Kiambu senator Kimani Wamatangi and former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo on Wednesday clashed during Kenya Kwanza rally.

The two are competing for the governor’s seat in the August polls.

The aftermath of the dramatic confrontation saw a campaign vehicle affiliated with the former Kiambu Governor ram into that carrying Wamatangi.

A video that has since gone viral showed witnesses claiming that Kabogo was in the vehicle that hit Wamatangi’s car – but we could not verify the claim.

Kabogo was seen throwing physical gestures at his Kenya Kwanza colleagues with their speeches overlapping as they each had a different microphone.

“I will no longer buy fear from you Kabogo, you spoke here and I did not interrupt you, my focus is on developing Kiambu and do not dare me. Look elsewhere if you want to sell fear – who told you this county belongs to you? Shut up and get out of here!” Wamatangi lamented.

“Talk about your issues or get out of here,” Kabogo retorted as he threw hand gestures at his colleague atop his vehicle.

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