Inter-Religious Council of Kenya urges next regime to hold matters children dearly

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The Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK) has signed a declaration detailing what they need of the next government in matters children.

Addressing the media after holding a one-day consultative meeting, the IRCK says Kenya still has some of the most alarming indicators for children.  They urged the next government to ensure that all children have the right to proper nutrition, health, and education and to be safe from violence, exploitation, and abuse.

‘We also advocate for the next government to connect schools with the internet to help bridge the digital divide in communities and enable children to have digital learning opportunities,’ the council said.

The council also called upon all to accept the results announced by the IEBC and if dissatisfied seek redress in court at the same time encouraged voters to interrogate and engage the aspirants in order to elect leaders who have integrity and values;

‘We urge Kenyans (especially the youth) to resist incitement to participate in violent activities. We also call upon kenyans to remain peaceful, before, during and after elections,’ IRCK further said.

Ther also called upon the next government to expand Primary and Community health services to help children and families readily access basic health care at a lower cost and to prioritize social protection to reduce inequalities for poor families and uplift them from poverty.

‘We urge the next government to create safe environments for children, by ending all forms of violence against children,’ the council urged.

Finally they implored the next government to mitigate climate change and commit to protecting the environment and managing resources optimally.

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