Jubilee Responds Sakaja

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By John Kariuki

The Jubilee party youth wing has castigated Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja for blaming the president for his troubles.

In a press conference at the party headquarters, the National Chairman of the Jubilee Youth League Advice Mundalo said

“We take it very seriously and personally as the Jubilee Youth League that a young man who is a complete product of the Party and the President would rise up to bite the hand that has Fed him and made his name worth of any meaning in the Republic of Kenya.

My Party Leader, President Uhuru Kenyatta has a responsibility to run the country and is called to higher duty that engaging on Sakaja’s Woes of Having and Not having a degree.

To reduce the President to such is to be disrespectful of not only the Person of the President but the office He holds and to be unappreciative of his role in Your life.

I want to remind Sakaja, that it is because of the magnanimous hand of the President, that he gave him an opportunity to be the Youngest Political Party Chair in the republic of Kenya, it’s in the same breath of the President’s heart of gold and appreciation of the Youth that He Nominated him to Parliament through TNA to have him exercise his abilities as a young person,  today Sakaja sits in the Senate of the republic of Kenya courteous of the President and the Jubilee Party.

All these opportunities he has enjoyed without the President minding his tribe of Origin, His Colour nor his social status.

To turn around and pull the name of a man on his hand you have fed into your academic troubles is disrespectful and an attempt to portray the Youth of this country as wayward and unappreciative.

It is people like you who become a stumbling block to other young people being accorded similar help.

Therefore, I warn Johnson Sakaja not to drag the name of the President and that of Jubilee Party to his lack of graduation photos, transcripts and prove of fee payments.”

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