Wanjiru Hails Bottom up Model

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John Kariuki

Nairobi Senatorial Aspirant on United Democratic Alliance UDA Party ticket The Honorable Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has hailed the bottom up economic model saying it’s the solution to the myriad of problems facing Nairobi.

Speaking in Embakasi Central Constituency, Honorable Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, faulted the trickle down model saying it has not delivered on the basic necessities of Kenyans.

Hosted by the Embakasi Central MP The Honorable Benjamin Gathiru popularly known as Major Donk Honorable Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, called upon the electorate to make the wise decision on August 9th and elect the leaders with a proven track record.

“I will improve on the bursary disbursement to make sure the kitty is expanded to ensure timely and equitable distribution of the Bursary. I will keep the Governor on his toes to make sure our children stay in school.”

Wanjiru also cited perennial water problems in Nairobi as one of the focal areas she will address as the incoming Nairobi Senator. “In this Kenya Kwanza Administration, we shall seek a lasting solution to the water problem. Nairobi must be quenched.”

Wanjiru highlighted construction of Markets in order to decongest the existing ones “I hereby -pledge to construct new markets to uplift the residents of Nairobi and empower them economically. The markets will be ultra modern and complete with all the necessary amenities,”

She also reiterated that she is firm on her stance on zero tolerance to corruption and said grabbers of markets their days are numbered.

She called upon leaders to focus on service delivery to wananchi regardless of party affiliation, tribe or religious affiliation.

Wanjiru also cited her commitment to uplift the youths by creating meaningful gainful employment to them. “Most of these youths are highly qualified and we need to empower them based on their God given talents.”

Wanjiru also faulted the Jubilee Government for what she termed as major failures saying it’s time to usher in new leadership impetus.

“As the incoming senator, I will make sure no Nairobian will face demolition of stall, abode or any property whatsoever.”

She calle for Unity and called for leaders to shun tribalism more so at a time we are nearing the General Elections.

“Nairobi is a Cosmopolitan County and we must live harmoniously. Let’s utilise tribal diversity for progress but not for retrogression.

On his part the Host MP, The Honorable Benjamin Gathiru popularly known as Major Donk called upon the voter to make a prudent decision on the 9th of August and elect leaders based on their track record.

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