KIPEDA Petitions Govt to revise fuel tax

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By Martin Masinde

The Kenya Independent Petroleum Dealers Association has petitioned the Government to revise the fuel tax just hours after the fuel subsidy was lifted.

According to the associations chair Mr Joseph Karanja, Kenyans will have to continue digging deeper in the pockets if the tax isn’t revised downwards.

It is on record that the excessive prices trickle down to the ordinary citizens, most of whom lost their jobs, closed down their businesses and are making an attempt at readjusting their lives post-Covid era,” “Fuel cost affects all other commodities price and this is going to be salt to the injury to the already overburdened Kenyans,” Mr Karanja added.

Mr Karanja believes the fuel cost is a global phenomenon which he attributed to factors like the war in Ukraine and the high cost of inflation.”

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