Kajiado Girl Empowerment Champion Feted

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By John Kariuki

The old adage goes that hard-work never goes unrewarded.

This is evident for the Brainchild of A Pack A Month Ms. Jackline Saleiyan who was recognized for her tireless efforts to empowering Kenyan Youth on online work platforms .

Speaking after receiving the award, she said, “This evening I have a reason to thank God for His love and goodness. I am proud to bring this to Nawapenda my immediate family; Kajiado North & West  Sub-county and Kajiado county as a whole as having trained the most youth on the Ajira  Digital Training Program country-wide. It is not my doing alone, without your support I would not be. Receive my thanks as we continue to reach out to serve community together.”

Saleiyan who  has been campaigning to empowering the girl child and looking to end to stigma on matters menstrual health also made it clear that” MHM should be

managed freely, without stigma, hygienically & with dignity”

As a patriotic Kenyan, Saleiyan  has called for a peaceful campaign devoid of hate or acrimony through the #apackforpeace campaign where she uses pad distribution as a tool to attract a female following and preaching peace .

“Peaceful elections are not a preserve of the elite or the politicians. It’s the patriotic role of each citizen to ensure that there is peace. Remember your neighbor is your immediate response when you need help and not a politician, be wise, maintain peace with your neighbour even as you exercise your democratic right of voting. To the youth, know your worth, your vote is valuable and should not be sold cheaply in exchange for chaos.”

 She also encouraged the aspirants to practise political decency and to shove their personal interests aside at the expense of the citizens.

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