NACHU Director on Spotlight again over Land Issues

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National Cooperative Housing Union (NACHU) is on the spotlight again after acquiring a parcel of Land from Sasini in a fraudulent way.

The housing Cooperative union has been receiving money from clients despite the fact that the land they are selling doesn’t have genuine title deeds.

Few months ago the one of the directors John Mbugua Ndichu was arrested in what after failing to appear in court on charges of money laundering and caring out developments without valid documents.

In the charge sheet before the court, Mbugua is accused of carrying out land subdivision as an agent of Riverine ridges without development permission from the county government of Kiambu.

In count two, he is charged with failing to comply with enforcement notice contrary to the law. The prosecution says that on the same dates and place, he failed to comply with a notice requiring him to stop any further subdivision and advertisement and seek county approvals.

Mbugua was arrested on May 17 and is out on a police cash bail of Sh10,000.

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