Governor Wangamati promises Mt.Elgon clergy an executive slot if he wins

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By Isabella Maua

With 49 days to the general elections, Mt. Elgon region still remains a determining factor in Bungoma politics as the earlier perceived 50 -50 divide between Kenya Kwanza and Azimio steadily shifts balance.

It is a first come first served situation kind of politics especially as the two horse gubernatorial race gets hotter with Azimio’s Wangamati and Kenya Kwanza’s Lusaka battling out for superiority of numbers in the Sabaot nation.

Lusaka’s bedroom as Mt. Elgon was deemed seems to be sinking sand as Wangamati appears to be maximizing on the current state of confusion in Kenya Kwanza camp.

Though he won in the previous elections, Wangamati garnered very few votes in Mt.Elgon as compared to his opponent Lusaka but he is set to change the narrative as he intensely traverses and pitches camp in the region meeting different designated groups.

In his recent tour, the governor converged with Mt.Elgon clergy and religious leaders in Kapsokwony in the quest to win their support.

“I want to indulge the clergy not only during this campaign period but I will also give an executive position to one of you when my government takes charge,” the governor promised.

He further encouraged the clerics and church at large to preach peace and keep the spirit of brotherhood during and after this political discourse.

“It is high time we prayed for our county and country in general so that peace prevails and unity is upheld despite the  political contention being witnessed around,” Wangamati commended.

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