Voters Threaten to Boycott Elections Over Neglect From leaders

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Luggage loaders in Kapsokwony, Mt.Elgon have in unison vowed not to take part in the 9th August elections if if no leader comes to their rescue before then.

In an interview with The Times Newspaper, Sammy Kwemoi Temoi, their chairman said that neither the sitting nor newly aspiring leaders and politicians has prioritized them in their manifesto.

“ Any campaigner who comes here only focuses on mama mboga and jua Kali people but none mentions beba beba boys,” Temoi decried.

Mustafa Abdi, his assistant added that they’re neither recognized as youths nor business people so they are non existent.

“We shall not vote if our own leaders are not even appreciating our existence, they should know that our votes matter regardless of our status,”Abdi complained.

The loaders also requested that leaders in power or any other well wisher donates wheelbarrows, spades and mkokotenis as well as build them a shade and toilets for them to ease their daily experience.

The incumbent MCA, Elgon ward Hillary Kiptalam did not deny allegations that he had promised them wheelbarrows to support their daily activities but refused to comment on whether or not he will be supporting the loaders.

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