Auditor Kakai inches closer to clinching Kabuchai seat

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By John Kariuki

Evans Kakai Masinde, a well polished, experienced auditor is the man to watch for the Kabuchai Parliamentary Contest.

In the previous by-election, he came a close second in position notwithstanding the fact that it was his first stab against a veteran who had vied four times.

 Armed with a wealth of experience in both the public and private sectors, coupled with a strong will to empower his people, Mr Kakai believes he has what it takes to liberate Kabuchai.

 “in my first 100 days I will work to ensure adequate provision of clean water to all the residents of my constituency. This I will do though drilling of boreholes in the entire regions so as to offload the women folk off jerricans and trekking long distances in search of the precious commodity,” he said.

He adds that his second key priority area is road infrastructure.

I will purchase a caterpillar that will see to it that all remote roads are constructed so as to open up the area for development. The third and most paramount is Empowerment of organized community based organisations. This I will use a pragmatic approach through the Constituency Development Fund whereby I will empower the CBO’s with seed capital and also the Small and Medium Enterprises so that they can positively participate in development.”

In Education he says: “I regret the fact that the incumbent has utilised the bursary kitty to score political mileage but I’m ready to change the status quo. Never should we politicise education.

The bursary allocation process has been abused rendering it in the pockets of able beneficiaries whilst denying the most needy and deserving cases. Under my Administration, I will enact a mechanism of vetting so as to make sure only the deserving shall merit.

The incumbent has not been able to explain how and why he haphazardly allocates the bursary and also account for the accumulated funds during the Covid period. This must stop.

Once elected to the 13th Parliament, Honourable Kakai says he will prioritize prudent utilisation of public funds through lobbying for independence and the strengthening of institutions such as the Ethics and Anticorruption commission, the DCI and even the DPP.

As an experienced auditor, he will also see to it that a quarter of all generated revenue goes to debt repayment so that the remaining three quarters can be allocated to development projects.

“I will have a very firm stance against corruption which has been the greatest enemy to National development and has also crippled our magnificent blue prints such as the Vision 2030.

The corruption has evolved to stealing by margin whereby costs of projects is inflated to unimaginable levels depriving the nation of its resources that could otherwise be the turning point to the growth of our GDP.”

In conclusion, Mr Kakai called upon the voters of Kabuchai to make the right decision on the 9th of August. He also cautioned them against voting out of partisan affiliation, influence, coercion or even emotion.

“The decision you shall make on that Tuesday 9th of August will be binding for the next five years s it’s only prudent to make an informed choice. I am tried and tested and once you vote me in, it won’t be about empowering myself or self-gratification.

It will be more about empowering you as my people of Kabuchai and opening up several opportunities that have been lying in the potential we have. When on the voting booth look out for the Jubilee party doted with red colour. I’m number two on the list. Make your mark there and you won’t regret,” he concluded.

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