Govt Urged to Regulate Biomedical Field

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By John Kariuki

The Government has been implored upon to regulate the Biomedical Engineering sector in the country.

These are the sentiments of Dr. Millicent Aloo, the Secretary General of the Association of Biomedical Engineers of Kenya (AMEK) during the occasion to mark the international Women in Biomedical Engineering day.

“There’s urgent need for the regulation of the biomedical engineering field and also employment of women in Biomedical Engineering. I also call upon the girls to pursue STEM related careers especially medical engineering.”

The event was graced by Health Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman. He said, “the Ministry of health is working with the Association to ensure you have a Council to regulate the profession and this will address most of your challenges. It is my hope that the participant’s interactions will bring a platform to share individual experiences and that each person will learn on the emerging Technologies in the health sector.

Throughout the conference, you are invited to explore and learn from others through information sharing.”

He added,
“We cannot forget to state continuous training is very key in your area of operation and therefore request you that when such opportunities take the earliest advantage for you to sharpen your skills and growth in the Profession. I am informed that the Association has lined up various Capacity Building programs for the Members. I encourage you Ladies to shine up and take up every opportunity that Association executes for your benefit.”

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