Kenya To Host A Prestigious International Award For 3rd Time In A Row

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Jubilant Stewards of Africa (JSA) a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the improvement of living standards, social ethics, dignity and empowerment of communities will mid this year honor various companies in the Annual Top Companies Awards dubbed Pacesetters Awards (PSA).

The Pacesetters Awards are an annual industry leadership recognition and appraisal award that seek to honour industry leaders for their innovation, quality products, service provision, job creation, exemplary leadership, economic growth, and societal transformation. As a result, these awards are based on the economic and social impact rather than the balance sheet.

JSA which is organizing this Key Industry Leadership recognition offers that this year’s awards will be hosted in five countries’ capital.

The first will be Nairobi (June), Kampala (August), Dar Es Salaam instead of Dodoma (September), Lusaka (November) and Cape Town (December) respectively.

Organizers say that plans are underway to have the award finals in South Africa that will bring top winning firms from various countries together to enhance networking and peer-to-peer collaboration.

“Pacesetters Awards considers a range of quantitative and qualitative aspects in order to determine and honour the winners. A novel survey model was initiated in 2020 as per the hyperinflationary environment. The model has since been tested and it demonstrated its functionality, elasticity and robustness. Furthermore, models in various industries such as the financial sector were remodeled in order to enhance their significance to the current environment, enhance quality and increase the objectivity of results.” Says Jared Oundo, Executive Director Jubilant Stewards of Africa

Companies that have shown interest in this year’s awards from Kenya include Optiven Group, UAP Old Mutual Group, Maxxis Tyres, Ukulima SACCO, SGA Security, Bolt, Madison Insurance and ABSA Bank.

Others who featured in last year’s awards gala and are in this year’s list include Safaricom, Digital lender Zenka Finance, City Walk, Kevian Kenya LTD Afia drink Manufacturer, the online shopping platform Jiji Kenya, Regional Leasing firm – Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited (VAELL) , Security Firm – Jeff Hamilton, Mwananchi Credit, ASA International, Digital Driving School and the Kampala based Fintech firm Service Cops.

The awards honor institutions and individuals that have chosen not only to survive but to seize current adverse conditions to reshape mind-sets and behaviours, embracing the opportunity to innovate fresh solutions and make bold bets that spur growth.

The Pacesetters Awards factor into how institutions and individuals have been able to innovate and solve various problems.

“We’ve decided to host these awards in various select cities to give several companies in those countries and their neighbourhoods an opportunity to participate. The last two awards held in Nairobi, in 2020 and 2021, drew entries from various firms and individuals from various African countries including Uganda, Ghana, Botswana and Sierra Leone and hence the need to move the awards closer to the participants,” said Mr. Oundo. 

Speaking in Kampala Uganda, Mathias Kamugasho, the Managing Director of Service Cops Limited said, “The organizers have already interviewed our staff and clientele as part of their background check. We hope to feature on the final list and bag another award to add to the awards including the Pacesetters Awards (PSA) 2021 and the National Informational Technology Authority (NITA) Awards. Should we sail through the final list after the vigorous process, we are happy that we don’t have to travel to other countries to receive the award, therefore, cutting costs and saving time. The fact that this prestigious award is being held in Kampala for the first time, is a key indicator that the world is starting to recognize the Pearl of Africa,”

Dr. Mary Boniface, Jubilant Stewards of Africa the CEO in charge of Kenya, said “we sent out our research team in five countries to survey as we prepare for the awards in the respective cities and they have brought us the results. We are now assessing them based on various factors. We will not do this alone we will work with various partners we are currently engaging.”

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