Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Unveils Her Vision for Nairobi

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By John Kariuki

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru who is eyeing the Nairobi Senatorial position, has spelt out her vision for the transformation of the City.

Bishop Wanjiru stated that she will embrace all Nairobians without tribal bias and work towards positive transformation of the green city under the sun.

“As a leader I’m Cognizant to the several challenges Nairobi is facing starting with unemployment, shortage of water, inappropriation of bursaries, poor markets and so on.”

The Honorable Bishop cited the congestion currently in Nairobi markets as a priority area which she will work to change.

“I wi build new markets to meet the need of the modern trader. I will ensure the markets are fitted with state of the art facilities. I will push for the restoration of grabbed land that was meant for public utilities.”

Wanjiru also highlighted her vision to empower the youths with hands on courses so that they can become important people in the society instead of relying on handouts.

She was addressing a sectional of Nairobi residents drawn from Embakasi West and Embakasi South.

She also called upon voters to consider Kenya Kwanza Presidential Candidate Dr. William Samoei Ruto for the August 9th polls.

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