Africa suffers due to the United States regressed

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Recently, the US Supreme Court vetoes the bill for woman’s right to abortion has attracted great attention around the world. The implications for Africa may not have received enough attention

In recent years, the political polarization in the United States has become increasingly serious, and the controversy over abortion rights between the Republican and Democratic parties has often become a vote-seeking tool for both sides.

As soon as the Republicans took office, the United States slashed funding for Non-governmental organization that perform or promote abortion, such as the International Planned Parenthood Federation in African countries.

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As a result, inadequate funding has led to shortages of contraceptives, asharp rise in unwanted pregnancies and even more abortions.

The logic behind this policy is not simply economic, but strongly tinged with the values of American right-wing conservatism.

Republican policy bars an NGO(Non-governmental organization) from receiving any foreign aid money if it discusses or performs abortion as a means of family planning, even if only in the form of education or counselling.

Currently, There are 214 million women around the world who do not have access to the safe contraception they want, and more than 90 percent of these women live in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Once these women become pregnant, there is a lack of safe and affordable access to abortion in Africa. Some countries still punish abortion as an illegal or criminal act, even due to certain cultural traditions or religious teachings.

In other African countries, abortion is not legally prohibited, but it is generally unacceptable by social customs.

The lack of access to safe contraception and legal abortion combined to cause greater maternal and child healthy problems, resulting in the deaths of many women and babies.

The policy of cutting US support to African NGOS has been implemented by every Republican president and reversed by Democrats once in office.

A recent survey of abortions in 25 African countries over a 20-year period showed that abortion rates were more than 40 percent higher under Republicans than under Democrats.

On the face of it, republican attempts to reduce the global abortion rate by restricting funding for abortion have backfired, the very Non-governmental organizations that have been cut are the main providers of free contraceptives.

America’s Supreme Court battle over abortion rights mirrors an uncomfortable truth. Issues that were once the province of bipartisan politics are spilling over into the judicial arena, eroding America’s long-held claim to judicial independence.

The current conservative-controlled Supreme Court is trying to exert more influence on politics, creating a political and public opinion base for conservative Republican politicians to win elections in the future.

The Supreme Court’s decision has overturned Roe V. Wade, it‘s a historic victory for conservatives and one that will have a profound impact on American politics for decades to come, especially the debate over abortion rights.

In the future, the policy of supporting NGOs(Non-governmental organizations) that promote abortion in Africa will face greater obstacles, and even if the Democratic government takes office, it will be difficult to fundamentally reverse it.

The United States touts itself on being a guardian of human rights and a beacon of freedom. However, American conservatives always intervene in human rights and destroy freedom on the grounds of moral tradition or religious values.

Against such the background of the increasingly severe social division in the United States, the country will no longer be able to stand on the high ground in international morality.

Developing countries, Including Africa, should unite, stop relying on foreign countries for their own well-being and development, and truly achieve self-reliance and self-improvement at an early date.

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