Clerics Downplay Bhang Narrative

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By John Kariuki

The Clergy has raised the red flag over Presidential Candidate Wajackoya’s narrative that aims at promoting and legalizing Bhang.

According to Reverend Joan Ngeruro of Christ Assembly Worship Church, Mr. Wajackoya does not mean well for the country and he should rescind his thoughts.

“As a clergy we are treating this as a scheme from the dark World to ruin the lives of our young people and we are rebuking and condemning it in the strongest terms possible. It’s evil, ill timed, misleading and lacks any justification.”

The Reverend Ngeruro also cautioned leaders against misleading Kenyans at a time when hundreds of thousands of drug addicts continue to languish in rehabilitation centres

“As a cleric and a Parent also, I fail to understand why any leader can advocate for the extermination of our young generation by drugs such as bhang. Hasn’t he seen the many people in rehab ‘ who are destitute after being devastated by bhang?” the highly respected Reverend Ngeruro quipped.

Reverend Ngeruro called upon Kenyans to remain prayerful so as to avoid the roaming misleading informations about bhang which is out of order, improper and evil, especially at this time our Nation is gearing up for the General Elections.

Lastly she urged all leaders to be champions of peace because elections come and go but our Nation shall remain.

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