Igathe Links Duale to Corruption Web at City Hall

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Nairobi Azimio gubernatorial candidate Polycarp Igathe has linked Garisa Town Member of Parliament Aden Duale to the run away corruption and deadly cartel that has fleeced the Nairobi County resources.

Igathe has vehemently mentioned the outspoken legislator and the current Chief Finance Officer Sahal Mohamed to suspect and unscrupulous payments at the expense of service delivery and genuine suppliers.

Igathe believes that the CFO is working closely with people in Deputy President William Ruto’s camp by financing their campaign activities through alleged dubious payments done by the CFO.

This is despite Mr Sahal prolonged and unexplained absence from office.

” You have companies which supply nothing paid twice by a CFO who is absent and uses a proxy to make payment” Igathe said.

He wondered how Mr Sahal is signing vouchers while he is said to be abroad on a trip.

“Why is the Bank for Nairobi City County allowing this corruption?

According to Igathe, Sahal is Duale’s relative and secretly being used by Cartels in DP Ruto’s UDA party.

According to a story published in one of daily locals, Mr Sahal was appointed to lead Ruto’s campaigns in December 2021 but rejected the offer.

However,Igathe observes that it was a tactical move to have Sahal help Duale and his cronnies access payments at City Hall.

” He has not been in office since December 2021 but he is signing payments from his Range Rover in Hotels in Kilimani area,”Igathe added.

Igathe is calling on the EACC to come and and speak on the matter.He says that there is enough evidence of where the cartel is operating from.

Igathe and Duale crossed paths after he claimed that three people of Somali origin are controlling affairs at City Hall.

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