Clergy Insist on Peace

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By John Kariuki

The Clergy has continued with its clarion call for peace as we approach the general elections.

The latest to add his voice is Bishop David Munyiri Thagana the founder of Gospel Outreach Ministries.

He said, “Our message to all Kenyans and especially the political class is that away from the wonderful campaign promises, maintain and preach peace before during and after the general elections(9th August 2022).”

The cleric said that he has launched a peace caravan in a bid to reiterate the importance of cohesion as we gear up towards the polls.

“That is the main objective of The Goa Kenya run for peace( both elite and fun run). I invite all my friends to run for peace on 23rd July 2022. You can also sponsor a runner/ runners at about 10 dollars per runner.”

Bishop Thagana who is also the General Secretary of the federation of Evangelical & Indigenous Churches of Kenya also implored upon Kenyans to vote leaders with integrity.

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