Kenyans Urged to Embrace Peace Ahead of Polls

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By John Kariuki

Calls for tolerance during this year’s elections continue to dominate the church conversations ahead of the August polls.

The church has once again reiterated the importance of peace before, during and after the General Elections.

In an exclusive interview with The Times Online, The Presiding Archbishop of AIPCA church, Muthuri implored upon politicians to practice politics of maturity and avoid hate speech and incitement to violence.

“The electorate follows the steps of the leaders and so it’s the high time they set a good example. Even after the General Elections, Kenya will remain because we do not have another country.”

The Bishop however gave credit to the civilised nature of Kenyans who have learnt not to be misled by selfish politicians.

 “we need leaders who have a vision of greatness and not out to divide Kenyans.

The Bishop was also happy that the Church has continued to play it’s rightful role in shaping morals of the society.

“The whole of this year, we have always reminded and taught our people the importance of peace and telling them that there’s a future after the polls.”

The Bishop also reminded Kenyans the importance of voting.

 “Those voters who don’t vote automatically elect the wrong leaders. We shouldn’t neglect our responsibility. All registered voters must take the prerogative of waking up very early on the 9th of August.”

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