Nyakera Reaps Fruits of Tea Reforms

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Incoming Murang’a Governor Irungu Nyakera is a proud man owing to the recent handsome bonus that has made tea farmers smile all the way to the bank.

Mr Nyakera who is vying on a Farmer’s Party ticket could not hide his joy which he attributed to the tireless efforts of the Tea Reforms taskforce which he chaired.

“The tea reform agenda was never in vain. Farmers are jubilating over bonus and full year payments that will only get better as we implement the reform proposals. Thank you to all those who were in the tea fight in particular HE President Uhuru Kenyatta, CS Peter Munya, the Factory Directors and all activists. We have won. Let’s keep winning!,” Mr Nyakera said.

Murang’a Factory full year payments are as follows, comparing 2022 vs 2021:

1. Gacharage  60.7 from 46 (32%)

2. Makomboki 59 from 27.50 (35.6%)

3. Ikumbi 57.5 from 41 (40.2%)

4.Njunu 57 from 38.5 (48.1%)

5.Ngere 57 from 44 (29.5%)

6. Nduti 53 from 37 (43.2%)

7. Gatunguru 52.5 from 34 (54.4%)

8. Kanyenyaini 51.5 from 33 (56.1%)

9. Kiru 51.2 from 33 (55.2%)

10. Githambo 56 from 34 (64.7%)

Githambo Tea Factory was the most improved and also paid the highest mini bonus of Kes 10.

“I promise to make Murang’a farmers celebrate once you elect me your governor,” he concluded.

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