Chinese films attracting eye balls beyond the Asian giant

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In recent years, Chinese film and television dramas have set off a boom in broadcasting at home and in Africa. In particular, more and more African audiences have developed interest in the Chinese culture and life. It can be said that Chinese film and television dramas have made African audiences have a better understanding of the Chinese people and culture.

In 2022, Chinese series Nothing But Thirty and Minning Town broadcasted on various local channels in Africa through the pay television platform StarTimes media. Nothing But Thirty tells the story of three 30 year old women, still full of hope in life even after experiencing heavy blows and eventually becoming better themselves.

Minning Town on the other hand tells the story of how the people under the guidance of policies and through their own efforts, have transformed their hometown from poverty to wealth.

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After the broadcast of the two shows, there was resonance given the ups and downs of the modern day lady struggling to balance work and relationships and equally the manifestation of how favorable policies and the people’s hard work can and continues to fetch many societies out of poverty.

In fact, in recent years, in addition to Nothing But Thirty and Minning Town, there are many excellent Chinese film and television dramas that have brought positive influence to African audiences.What is more certain is that the broadcast of these series has made African audiences develop better understanding of the Chinese culture, even built a cultural bridge between Africa and China while promoting cultural exchanges between Africa and China. 

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