Lenku Receives Massive Endorsement Ahead of August Polls

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Various groups of non-Maasai’s  living in Kajiado have agreed to fully back Kajiado governor Joseph Ole Lenku to retain his seat come August in the August 9 elections.

The governor on Tuesday received a major boost after the Luo community living in Kajiado endorsed his bid  even as other community leaders warned against mudslinging and propaganda from candidates.

Kamba,Kisii and Luhya community leaders in the county have also endorsed Lenku’s bid as he prepares for a battle on the ballot against former governor David Nkedianye of Jubilee and Katoo Ole Metito of UDA.

The endorsement from various groups come a few days after Nkedianye led an Azimio-One Kenya roadshow where the issue on non-maasai’s was given prominence.

Just a day after the Kajiado gubernatorial debate went live at the African Nazarene University in Isinya last night, the governor Ole Lenku re-election has received a major boost after the Luo community residing and working in Kajiado County today endorsed him.

Lenku’s major public endorsement comes just a time when sources reveal that either him or Nkedianye of Azimio Coalition must drop his bid and support the other in efforts to counter their rivals outside Azimio.

It is believed that Lenku will be favored to defend his seat while Nkedianye could be in for a cabinet slot if the Azimio coalition wins the August 9 elections

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