Involve us when drafting your Manifestos, Federation to Political class

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The Kenya National Farmers Federation (KENAFF) Has called on the Political class to involve the federation when coming up with Agricultural policies in their Manifestos.

Speaking During the launch of Famers manifesto at KENAFF headquarters, KENAFF CEO, Daniel M. M’Mailutha said that the two top contesting political class Azimio la umoja and Kenya Kwanza did Consult the farmers federations despite having talked about agriculture and the plans they have for five years.

“It very awkward that Azimio la Umoja and Kenya kwanza did not consider our federation when they were drafting their manifestos, Agriculture contributes a larger percentage of the countries GDP, those who assume public office should speak for the interest of farmers of this country.” Said Daniel M. M’Mailutha

The KENAFF Manifesto seek to collate views and demands of farmers on measures required to boost the country’s agricultural performance as a driver of both the national economy and for raising incomes among agricultural value chain players into a Farmers’ Manifesto and present it to the political parties in the run-up to the General Election.

According to Dr. Daniel M. M’Mailutha the top most challenges affecting Kenyan famers include climate change, poor infrastructure, and high cost of inputs, and want to engage with the major political parties on how they will improve the lives of farmers if they form the next government.

The federation will be meeting with representatives of various parties from the ward to the county and national level to ensure their demands are met after the August 9 elections.

“KENAFF shall always support all government agenda while holding it accountable with a bearing on enhancing farmers’ income and improving their livelihood,” Dr. M’Mailutha said.

It was also noted that increasing agricultural productivity is key to reaching the food security goal as well as improving the sustainability of agricultural production.

“High cost of living ravaging the country will be solvable in the coming future if the government would come in to reprieve the farmers by subsidizing the cost of inputs. Agriculture is the backbone of the economy, Kenyans not only need water to drink but also for irrigation,” he said.

KENAFF manifesto is segmented in various pillars namely Lobby, advocacy and policy action, enhanced member service, sustainable Kenya agri-food system, leverage the energy, enthusiasm of youth and women to drive value chain.

KENAFF has an elaborate organizational structure from Ward, sub county, County, regional economic blocs to National level in order to have a wide reach and leverage through mobilization and build capacity for Kenyan’s farmers.

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