RC Corner Trading Eyes Niche on Kenyan Market

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By John Kariuki

A drone company domiciled in Dubai is setting it’s sights on the Kenyan market.

Michael Dai is the Chief Executive Officer of the company called RC Corner Trading.

Speaking to The Times Dai revealed that they will be venturing into the country to support agricultural technology advances.

 “RC Corner is one of a few gold rated DJI’s official dealers in the world. We sell drones in UAE and beyond Drones for sale are – Mavic Series – DJI Air 2S – DJI Mini 2 – Mavic Air 2 – Mavic 2 Industrial Drones – Matrice Series – Mavic Series – Phantom Series – Zenmuse Cameras – Zenmuse H20 Series – DJI Terra Software – Underwater Drone – Accessories Agricultural drones – DJI Agras Series – T30 Accessories – T20 Accessories – T10 Accessories – Agras Generators Racing Drones Gimbal”

The Main purpose of venturing into the Kenyan market and consequently the African content is to integrate technology into agriculture Michael says,

“The use of drones in agriculture has dramatically increased because their advantages are enormous. To start with, it eases labor, there’s safety since there’s no human touch of the chemicals, it increases efficiency since the crop is sprayed at a 360 degrees angle. It also saves money for the farmer.”

The CEO concludes by saying that engagements to forge partnerships with the government are at initial stages in a bid to set up a drone distribution hub in Africa.

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