Auditors Exude Confidence of Peaceful Polls

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By John Kariuki

Auditors in the country have exuded confidence of a peaceful poll and consequently smooth transition of power.

Christopher Kioi of Njuguna Kioi and Associates notes that our economy has been on an upward trajectory and is hopeful that the trend will continue.

“Every five years our country undergoes an election cycle which sometimes deals a blow to economic growth but we are keeping our fingers crossed that this time round we won’t suffer the shocks. I’m also optimistic that with the lifting of Covid restrictions, the economy will flourish,” Mr Kioi notes.

He was however quick to advise the incoming administration to tame the skyrocketing debt levels.

“Our debt level is high in both domestic and foreign fronts. This is a concern to many Kenyans since debt alone is gobbling a whopping 50% of Government revenue.

Mr Kioi also urged the need to fight corruption saying it must start with Kenyans themselves.

“The important thing is that if have to win the war on corruption, it has to start with Kenyans themselves… It’s the prerogative of all Kenyans to hold leaders to account and deny them a chance in case they don’t deliver,” said Mr Kioi.

Mr Kioi also noted if the war on corruption can be upped, the money can be used to develop our economy.

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