Silas Cheren: Keep off aspirants who hide behind political parties

By Isabella Maua

Mt. Elgon MP aspirant Silas Cheren has called upon area residents to be very vigilant in their voting pattern and keep off politicians who have no agenda  but sell their parties name.

Speaking at Terem Primary School in Kapkateny ward Cheren said it was unfortunate that the school has been neglected since former MP late Serut’s tenure.

In what seemed to be a direct blow to the incumbent MP Fred Kapondi, Cheren advised residents to be thoughtful while casting their votes in August since they haven’t yet tasted any fruit of steady leadership for the past 5 years.

“Roads to the school are pathetic and there’s no single classroom from CDF funds for the past 5 years, it will be your greatest undoing if you repeat the same mistake twice,” the accountant who’s giving the incumbent sleepless nights commented.

Judith Bomji, Terem head teacher  confirmed that they have never received any funding or support from CDF or any other leader from the region since the exit of former MP late John Serut.

“We have been neglected for far too long but we’re grateful Cheren has remembered us, not only has he built us 2 toilets but he has also given out games skit to our Kamuruani team players,” Judith noted.

Cheren acknowledged that the pupils needed a much better environment to improve their studies and nurture their talent.

“Nurturing young talent is at the core of my manifesto but regardless of the elections outcome I vow to stand with these children and youth till they realize their dream,” he declared.

He also promised to purchase lockers and desks for Terem and Kapsambu primary schools and construct a decent gate for the school to ensure security is paramount to the fraternity.

With regards to amenities, Cheren assured the residents that they’ll benefit from the  piped water which passes across their land, tap electricity direct to their houses and also enjoy the fruits of improved roads.

“You should be benefiting from  5% of these projects within your vicinity but due to corruption and lack of transparency none of you has enjoyed the privilege,” Cheren reiterated.

The MP hopeful whose vying for the seat as an independent candidate told off his other 14 competitors saying he is the bride of August 9th while the rest are just but flower girls.

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