Meet Realty Newton 28, behind the success of real estate business in Eldoret

Having worked with the United Nations offices in Nairobi, Safaricom and with the insurance firms, Realty Newton is the name that almost all investors in Eldoret and other parts of the country have on their Lips.

The humble and orderly talking young man has created his own empire in the field of Real estate in Eldoret, Nairobi and other parts of the country.

“I have changed the lives of over 20 families and sold the house for Banda homes, Willstone, and many more houses, I have been in the field since 2019 and thus my experience states a lot,” he told our media team early today when we caught up with him.

He is well mastered with real estate skills and he fully understands how to help his clients.

“Once you are in this business your main aim is not just selling homes but also helping the client understand better what he/she is investing,” he said.

He added, ” in both the latest and best interior designs and quality finishings, Kenyans needs to know how good is it to own the home,” he added

He is currently in Eldoret working with various stake holders in the construction industry .

“Currently in Eldoret working with developers in construction and selling of homes both affordable and high end homes,” he added.

He told our team on the imortant Market evaluation for Real Estate investors to guide them on the rate on Return on Investment.

“I also working hand in hand with banks for mortgage clientele and hence building a mutual rapport and network with the Best in the Game ,” he added.

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