PZ Cussons strengthens Kenya’s baby care market grip

Leading personal care products manufacturer PZ Cussons is intensifying its expansion in Kenya in a bid to maintain the pole position of being the country’s largest baby groomer. 

Successive national population censuses have shown that Kenya’s population is increasing at an average rate of 1 million newborns annually.

This, said the company’s Managing Director Sekar Ramamoorthy, signified a significant opportunity to serve a burgeoning population with evolving needs for their young children. Consumers have also become much more knowledgeable and concerned about their babies’ health, nutrition and hygiene. 

Speaking during the launch of the new Cussons Baby national consumer campaign dubbed ‘Share the Joy’, Mr. Ramamoorthy explained that the firm was investing in the program geared at engaging and rewarding existing and new customers while educating them on the essence of ‘baby-safe products.’ 

“Our primary aim, this year is to deepen Kenyan consumers’ knowledge and awareness about the aspects to look out for in products that are safe especially for children at that tender age between newborn and 5 years,” he noted, pointing out that the country is facing a deluge of imports that exposes parents to heightened confusion.

At the same time, Cussons Baby is among the flagship brands whose annual revenue the firm targets to grow exponentially as it seeks to serve more babies and mothers.Notably, Kenya’s young demographic will continue to be a major factor in the rise in demand for baby care products, with the average age of a young family estimated at 24 years old. A major issue that has emerged for their children is the reactions that they have on their skin. T

ime pressure and changing social habits are pushing consumers to value convenience and look for products and services that fit in with their modern lifestyles. One example of this is the growing demand for baby wipes. Ramamoorthy added that the new campaign is part of the rollout of the firm’s global Focus, Scale and Accelerate Strategy. 

It acknowledges that the demand for natural is expected to drive growth in the baby category, with consumers asking for more natural ingredients. This will be addressed through strong consumer engagement activity to attract and interact with newlyweds and young mothers through traditional and digital channels. 

In adapting to the ever-changing and increasingly evolving market place, the company will strengthen its focus on building, enhancing and maintaining strong links with customers and building their loyalty. 

During the campaign, the firm will also celebrate the child-parent bond while helping the brand keep to its promise of growing together naturally which in essence, is about the emotional confidence that comes from using Cussons baby products.

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