Madam Gladys Chania Confident of Landslide Win in Kiambu

By John Kariuki

Madam Gladys Chania is a leader you cannot ignore. She is thoughtful, fashionable, visionary, kind and focused .

This is the second time madam Chania who goes by the Mantra “Sauti Mashinani” is vying for the Kiambu Woman Representative.

She is eyeing the seat under the Jubilee party ticket.

The Times held an exclusive interview with her over her ambition to represent Kiambu Residents

Who is Madam Gladys Chania?

She is a several time award winner in community human rights advocacy, gender inclusion, leadership and Kiambu county mashujaa heroine 2017.

A teacher by profession and today a Child & Adult Psychologist Madam Chania prides having touched thousands of families in all corners of Kiambu physically through her community empowerment or Philanthropic programs.

As it is today the most private Government intelligence report but already in public domain rates Chania as the woman to watch in the Woman rep race in Kiambu and as the only sure bet in the county seats in this vast county .

The non aggressive demeanour of campaigns makes her style unique in a country where politicians are known to be hyper, aggressive, assaultive and abusive.

 Her leadership in the next parliament might change a lot hopefully she meet like mindedness in the house

Notable achievements include her campaign against alcohol and drugs, Madam Chania warmed the Hearts of Kiambu People. Under her TWAADA, (Total War Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse). She rehabilitated and revived thousands of young people who had been enslaved by the chains of alcohol and drugs.

Madam Chania has always been on the grounds where she is passionate about the welfare of Kiambu Residents.

From encouraging farming as an agribusiness to youth and women empowerment, it’s undisputed that Chania is an icon. She has also been advising youths (she is a certified professional counsellor) to take up the myriad of opportunities brought forth to them by the Government.

A good example is the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVETS) that can be a turnaround for the youths who keep on complaining that there are no white collar jobs. Madam Chania Sauti Mashinani urges the youths to take advantage of TVETs  so that the society can excel in social economic when people get to be self reliant.

Madam Chania is also Cognizant that when people gather and positive messages are passed to the audience this becomes part of capacity building that should go on in the villages to change the mind set of many and develop our nation.

She has tirelessly mobilised votes for Baba the Fifth and his running mate Martha Wangari Karua terming them as the leaders who has the capability and goodwill to steer the country forward.

She has also rallied support for women leadership  in the country and urges voters to support their mothers and sisters in leadership and especially Hon Martha Karua and Baba presidency.

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