Youths urged to avoid misuse by politicians

By Njeri Irungu

The Kenya Youth have been urged to avoid politics of violence as politicians have often misused them.

Global Peace Foindation Executive dieector Daniel Juma Omondi, said it was quite unfortunate the youth were always available for misuse and recruitment for evil activities getting from as little as Ksh. 100 or 200 as handouts from the politicians.

The Global peace spokesman said he was looking forward for a free, fair and democratic elections come August 9th 2022 which will not result in any kind of violence.

“The election day should be used as a day to celebrate our democracy. We don’t want electoral issues to be sorted out in the streets but instead be addressed at the courts” Omondi noted.

He urged the Government to assure Kenyans of maximum security adding that “We don’t want to see again the violence scenes we saw in the past election exercise of 2013 / 2017”

Omondi urged the youth not only to maintain peace as they prepare for election but utilize wisely the social media to spread peace.

“Social Media”, he added, can be used for the right and wrong reason especially spreading hate speech and violence . Lets shun violence and preach peace”.

Omondi said Kenyans should use the election exercise to vote in good and transparent leaders who will wipe out corruption.

He observed that there was need to engage the youth in civic education. “Let’s come out in large numbers and exercise our democratic right by turning out in large numbers to vote. Don’t stay in the house, since you will give way for bad and corrupt leaders to make their way back” he observed.

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