Ford Kenya Fires Back at Wetangula’s Critics over Ballot Papers

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By Isabella Maua

Bungoma Ford Kenya party chairperson and a former councillor Mt.Elgon Linet Chemtai has dismissed allegations of her party leader Moses Wetangula being associated with unlawful transport of ballot papers across Uganda- Kenya border.

Speaking at a funeral service in Chemoge area, Linet said that it is shameful for some politicians to blackmail Wetangula few days to elections so as to taint his name.

“My party leader’s record speaks for itself and no kind of propaganda whatsoever will shake his quest to victoriously defend his seat,” Linet noted.

Former Kaptama MCA, Peter Cherui who is also in the ballot  to recapture his seat in a tightly contested race with incumbent, Francis Chemion who is also the Leader of Minority Bungoma County Assembly called upon residents to be critical in their decision making.

“Needless to reiterate, my impact in society has been seen and the fruits of my leadership is still fresh before your eyes, when you go to cast your vote remember the hospitals and schools I started and now I’ve to complete them,” Cherui advised.

Robinson Kesis, an independent MP aspirant challenged the residents to embrace change by voting for him regardless of his financial status and age which many have criticized.

“I might be young and financially challenged at the moment but it’ll be wise to judge me by my rich manifesto set to bring a 360 degrees change to the Sabaot community and do away with the status quo,” Robin said.

Allan Chemaiyek also an independent MP aspirant who was represented in the event called upon other 13 aspirants to step down and support him so that he can easily beat the incumbent Fred Kapondi hands down.

“I urge all my other competitors to join hands and give me the mantle when it nears August 9th so that I can give a red card to Kapondi early morning,” he said boldly.

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