Government Urged to Boost Start ups

By Martin Masinde

The Government has been implored upon to boost local startups with incentives in a bid to create a conducive business environment.

 This has been a clarion call especially at a time when local startups are facing stiff competition from foreign firms.

Morris Mbetsa the Chief Executive Officer of Numeral Internet of Things (IOT) says that the firm has set up structures in line with manufacturing of electronic devices as well as a technical team for development and production.

The corporate culture of the company is to always foster innovation among the staff and through our clients. These innovations provide solutions for the day to day African challenges. which specializes in the

His company employs more than one hundred people and is involved in manufacturer of electrical components for smart meters in close collaboration with The Kenya Power and Lighting Company.

Mr Mbetsa says, “The government had promised tax relief for local startups in a bid to enable them do business and create employment. Mr Mbetsa cites high taxation as a downside for his business.

We sought to know more about the smart metering system he is currently undertaking. The smart meters is what Kenya Power needs to bring efficiency in its service delivery to the public..

Mbetsa whose investment is worthy more than 100 millions, is however hopeful of the business opportunity presented not only in Kenya but also in the African Continent where more than fifteen companies are eyeing for his services.

“We have promising business prospects in Tanzania, Egypt, ivory Coast, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana and many others. The key thing here is being innovative and design devices to meet international standards and also meet the customer needs at an affordable price. We assure customers that they rest assured because our devices are certified.”

Mbetsa also opines that it’s the high time the African continent that used to conquer the world by spears and arrows, woke up to the reality and embrace tech. “Its high time Africa trades in  codes, software and microchips.. I’m also taking this opportunity to advocate for consumption of locally manufactured products because if you buy Kenyan you have contributed to economic growth through job creation. Basic electric devices such as phone accessories like chargers, power banks and such can be locally made.

At the moment, Numero IOT has made more than 100,000 motherboards in the country. It also made a breakthrough during the Covid 19 era by providing affordable thermometers which went for just five thousands shillings whilst the market price of the same thermometer is Ksh 30,000. Another key milestone is the assembly of a locally manufactured television seat 85 inches which goes for Ksh 70,000 whilst the market price is close to 200,000.

He concludes by calling upon Kenyans to believe in locally manufactured products so that our economy can grow instead of always relying on imports which translates to development of the countries from which they are sourced.

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