Conservation Alliance of Kenya Launches Strategic Plan

The Conservation Alliance of Kenya (CAK) on Friday launched its Strategic Plan 2022-2027.

The plan charts out the course of action required to achieve the long-term goals of the Alliance. It will also guide the Alliance in the implementation of activities that will enable them to achieve its mandate, vision and mission.

‘Our vision is to be a unified voice in Kenya where people, nature, and economy thrive sustainably,’ said the Alliance’s Chair Lucy Waruingi.

She also added that their mission was to advocate and lobby for the conservation of sustainable ecosystems where flora, fauna, communities and livelihoods flourish by supporting, coordinating and facilitating members to effectively implement their various conservation programs, initiatives and interventions in Kenya.

The Alliance’s CEO Steve Itela offered that they aim to fulfill their mission through strategic goals that include strategic advocacy and lobbying for favorable legislation addressing conservation issues, promote partnership, collaboration, and stakeholder engagement for improved conservation action, build the capacity of members and other key stakeholders to address target conservation issues.

‘We also seek to promote knowledge creation, data and information sharing and establish the Alliance as a strong and sustainable organization,’ he said.

The Alliance was established in 2016 as the umbrella body for conservation organizations in Kenya, with a mandate of being the leading unifying voice in Kenya for the members and key stakeholders in conservation for sustainable ecosystems where people, nature and the economy thrives.

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