Why Nkedianye, Manje is Best Combination For Kajiado

By John Kariuki

With just under a month to the General Elections, aspirants have reached home stretch in their fervent vote hunt.

In an exclusive interview with The Times , Nkedianye and Manje have positioned themselves as the the best suited candidates.

The duo is vying under the Jubilee Ticket and will square it out with ODM candidate who is the incumbent Governor Joseph Ole Lenku and UDA’s Katoo Ole Metito.

Manje says, “We shall transform Kajiado County through the work of our hands, the sweat of our brow and the guidance of God. We adjure you all the great people of this County to be part of the revolution.”

On Education

The investment we have made in the education sector has been tremendous and we are proud of the lives we have impacted. In addition to the secondary school bursary cheques, we handed project cheques to several Project Management Committees.

On Agriculture

Agriculture is a major pillar that contributes to the welfare of Kajiado County and the greater metropolitan area. Together with Dr David Nkedianye Official we commit to create a conducive and vibrant environment for our farmers by having proactive agricultural extension officers, value addition policies and better road network from the farm to the market.

On water

Nkedianye says, “When I was Governor Nolturesh water was free flowing upto Sultan Hamud, I constructed Sultan Hamud flood light, I fenced Enooretet primary school, I did the two main roads to Sultan Hamud that is Enooretet road and Oltirkish Bwana Kala road, among others in Kenyawa Poka.The current administration has neglected development, Nolturesh water no longer reaches Sultan Hamud, The flood light I constructed has gone off, The roads leading to Sultan Hamud are in a poor state. I will reclaim back the lost glory, I will ensure the projects I did are maintained, and will initiate new projects including a hospital in Kenyawa Poka ward.

The duo says, “Together we shall liberate Kajiado County from ineptitude and pedestrian governance.”

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