Jonas Kuko Welcomes Nomination by UDA

By Martin Masinde

Jonas Kuko from Saboti is definitely a very happy man. Despite narrow misses in 2013 and 2017, where he lost by just under 200 votes Vincent has a seat reserved for him in the August House.

His name is on the list of the nominated legislators as demanded by the Constitution of Kenya 2010, that:

  • A political party participating in a general election nominates and submits a list of all the persons who would stand elected if party were to be entitled to all the seats on the party lists;
  • Each party list comprises of the appropriate number of qualified candidates and alternates between male and female candidates in the priority in which they are listed. However, this criterion does not apply to the Senate (Women) party list [Article 98(1)(b) of the Constitution], as all 16 nominees are women;

In an exclusive interview with The Nation, Jonas exuded confidence that he is equal to the task and will represent the interests of his people without bias, malice or I’ll will.

Being an agricultural extension officer by profession Mr Vincent says he will table a bill in parliament to ensure minimum guaranteed returns for farmers especially for Saboti potatoes and horticultural farmers .

He also believes that the nomination slot will bring equality especially for the minorities and the marginalised in the society.

Mr Jonas is also hopeful of peaceful elections and a smooth transition and exuded confidence that Kenya Kwanza Presidential Candidate Dr William Ruto will garner over 60% of the Western vote.

Jonas is also appealing to the people to come out in large numbers at Malaba where Dr. Ruto will be holding a mega rally tomorrow.

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