Passion for Youth Representation I owe it to Good Upbringing-Chania

By John Kariuki

Incoming Kiambu County Woman Representative Madam Gladys Chania continues to illumine the vision for Kiambu.

She is the change agent that Kiambu urgently needs in a bid to address the equality agenda.

“Yesterday over the night Madam Chania Sauti Mashinani  as the patron of  Mr &Miss Birmingham Kenya,the  CEO John Mwangi (Djonie hair arts,)and the organisation fraternity hosted over 500 youth celebrating and showcasing their talents at Rainbow hotel in Ruiru.

The talented youth are derived from all corners of Kiambu county.

For a long time the society never thought a person who doesn’t belong to a certain category can advocate for their rights exhaustively.

It has been a surprise to many how Chania in her late 40s advocates for youth, elderly, People with disabilities and the community at large.

 It’s on this strength that madam chania has become an icon to many Kiambu voters.

One resident quoted that Chania is one stop shop for Kiambu people solutions.

When reached for a comment madam Chania owed this to good upbringing by very disciplinarian parents and that’s why one of her other agenda as a Kiambu woman rep is capacity building in families and parenting.

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