Mt. Elgon Farmers to Enjoy Reduced Levy on Forest Land

By Isabella Maua

Mt. Elgon MP aspirant under Ford Kenya ticket, Evans Chemwotei has promised to reduce taxes for farmers cultivating and grazing along the forested areas.

Speaking during the Kenya Kwanza rally across the region, Evans noted that for years now since scrapping off of the shamba system, farmers have suffered a great deal.

“It is common knowledge that over 95% of us here are farmers and most have been benefiting from the vast grazing land in the forests, I’ll ensure taxes are reduced to meet the needs of the common farmer hence maximum profits and improved living standards,” Evans said.

Also in attendance was Nicholas Kiboi who was among the dignitaries eyeing the Deputy governor position; and in his speech sternly warned village administrators against being partisan in politics.

“Village admins are county employees who shouldn’t by any means take part in any sort of campaigns or related matters, however, some of them are misusing public funds and holding campaign meetings and disguising them as homecoming parties,” Kiboi revealed.

The rally which was majorly attended by Ford Kenya aspirants had less than 3 UDA candidates most of them including the incumbent Fred Kapondi and Elgon ward MCA Hillary Kiptalam  conspicuously absent.

While responding to Kiptalam’s representatives in one of the forums, Lusaka disputed the MCA’s message that he was together with Kenya Kwanza.

“If you claim to be with us then come in person and join our rally not sending apologies and lying that we are in unity flying the Kenya Kwanza flag whereas you’re elsewhere,” the principal noted.

Shikuku Kiboi and David Kimkung who were also DG aspirants did not hesitate to hit Wangamati’s current regime accusing the governor of being a trickster who is misleading Bungoma voters.

“Lusaka’s developmental record stands unbeatable but Wangamati is only a good liar; he has tricked former DG into a trap that he’ll surely regret,” Shikuku warned.

He further cited that Wangamati has made empty promises to Mt. Elgon people and even pledged to the former DG Chongwony that he’ll give the region 7 officers and 5 CECs something that is literally illogical.

In matters regarding the most recently launched KMTC at Kapsokwony, Lusaka termed it as a bait to woo uninformed voters.

“Wangamati will definitely not complete this KMTC project as he has been insinuating, I promise to look into it’s completion and functionality once I take over office,” Lusaka reiterated.

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