Nyagwansa Unveils Vision for Kajiado North

By John Kariuki.

With exactly three weeks to the General Elections, campaigns for various elective posts have reached the home stretch with various leaders doing the best to expound on their manifesto.

The Times Online Spoke to  the incoming Kajiado North Member of Parliament Andrew Mokoro Nyagwansa. He is fondly referred to as Jicho Pevu and is running as an independent candidate.

We sought to hear more about his manifesto. His manifesto is pillared in ten Thematic areas and this is what he intends to achieve in the first 100 days

  • Infrastructure – all unfinished roads to be finalized immediately
  • Change bursary issuance to capture needy cases
  • Address the issue of insecurity
  • Ensure that bodaboda and Mama mboga are put in Saccos through my support program and welfare.
  • Single mothers to get monthly allowance under Honorable Nyagwansa Foundation
  • Launch talent academy for both youth and adults
  • He will create employment opportunities for youth within the Constituency. He have secured employment for more than 1,000 youth since he started his Political journey in 2013. He is pledging to secure more employment at the end of his five years term. His target is 2,000 youths to be employed.
  • On social welfare medical and personal accident insurance shall take centre stage avenue where Kajiado North will be the centre of benchmarking in the country. As an insurance expert and the current secretary general in the insurance industry in Kenya the bodaboda and Mama mboga shall be actioned within the first 100 days in office.
  • He will establish a talent academy where sports and talents will be nurtured in Kajiado North. Youth with specific talents will get sponsorship within local and international levels.
  • On development he will lobby the international community to bring meaningful development projects in the Constituency to help improve the living standards among the residents of Kajiado North, having worked with the United Nations and foreign missions in Kenya.
  • On legislation matters he will come up with bills that will ease the burden of common Mwananchi, remove trade barriers and fight for the rights of Kajiado North and Kenya for a better tomorrow.

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